Journées annuelles 2022 du GdR CNRS Mathématiques de l'Optimisation et Applications

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Publié le 7 juillet 2022 Mis à jour le 21 juillet 2022

du 11 octobre 2022 au 14 octobre 2022


Campus Valrose

Salle de Conférence du LJAD

Un point sur les avancées récentes en optimisation et leurs applications.

This event will include a 3-day workshop of the GdR "Mathematics of Optimization and Applications" and the 2-day mini course on "Fast Algorithmic Methods for Optimization and Learning"

  • Édouard Pauwels (IRIT, Toulouse)
  • Yannick Privat (IRMA, Unistra)
  • Daniela Tonon (Padova)
  • Andrea Walther (HU Berlin)
We strongly encourage you, or your students, to send an abstract if you are interested to participate to the conference. Please apply to attend before July 18th, 2022 here.
If you wish to simply attend without talk, the deadline is September 19th, 2022.

There will be no registration fees. However, attendees will have to support their lodging and travel expenses. PhD students presenting their work can apply to financial support.